Search for bugs in C/C++ code

CppCat is a tool to search for bugs in C/C++ programs that comes as a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 (except Express editions). CppCat is a new product which is developed by the team working on the PVS-Studio static code analyzer.

Analyze entire source code of the project and get a list of all the issues found in it. Avoid your errors from becoming your user's bugs.

Enable automatic analysis of recompiled files to receive diagnostics for these files only.

Think of CppCat as a compiler extension which allows you to find a bit more errors in your code (in addition to the regular compiler warnings).

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only for Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 (except Express editions)

Examples of detected issues

CppCat warning:

Diagnostic capabilities

  • Check that addresses to stack memory do not escape the function
  • Arithmetic overflow/underflow
  • Array index of bound
  • Check for double-free
  • Dead code
  • Unreachable code
  • Uninitialized variables
  • Unused variables
  • Illegal bitwise/shift operations
  • Undefined/unspecified behavior
  • Improper understanding of function/class operation logic
  • Coding style does not match operation logic of the source code
  • Virtual destructor is missing
  • Misprints
  • Copy-Paste
  • Incorrect usage of exceptions
  • Buffer overrun
  • Security issues
  • Operation priority
  • Null pointer dereference
  • Unchecked parameter dereference
  • Check for integer division by zero

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only for Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 (except Express editions)

Current Version: 1.11 Release Date: March 17, 2015
Size: 25 Mbytes

After used for the first time, the tool will remain fully functional for 7 days. After that it will stop working completely. Sure, 7 days is enough time to check the whole project and maybe even fix some bugs. But you don’t enable compiler warnings once a year, do you? So, we hope that you will use our tool regularly.


CppCat is licensed individually for each developer and each computer. The product ships only as a downloadable distribution package.

License is valid for 1 year. When this term expires, you’ll receive a letter from us with the request to renew the license at 80% of the initial price (i.e. for $200 per license). If you don’t renew it, the product will stop working. All the product’s updates come free during one year.

A note for resellers. We don’t grant any special discounts for resellers, but since you provide a special service for your customers, you may set the price for CppCat as you wish.

CppCat license is available free of charge for undergraduates (details).

IndividualSmall TeamLarge Team
1-4 copies5 or more copies25+ copies

Quantity discounts are available at the time of purchase only.


We have been working developer tools for a long time. We have acquired wide experience and deep understanding of how a modern tool must be implemented, what features it must or mustn’t have.

Our primary product is PVS-Studio static code analyzer. In the course of its development we felt like putting on the market a new light-weight tool designed specifically for a narrow target group of developers – C/C++ programmers working in Visual Studio IDE.